K-12 Pathways

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From primary school to secondary college, a good Catholic education is for life. Students who follow the Catholic education pathway from Kindergarten to Year 12 experience a sense of continuity in the approaches to teaching and learning.

Primary schools are ‘feeder schools’ into nearby Sydney Catholic Schools’ secondary colleges, where its students are entitled to priority enrolment, along with students from parishes without primary schools.

Students attending Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School Hoxton Park have priority enrolment at the following schools:

Good Samaritan Catholic College Hinchinbrook
PRINCIPAL: James Corcoran

A: 401 Hoxton Park Road, Hinchinbrook, NSW 2168
P: (02) 9825 9955
E: info@gscchinchinbrook.catholic.edu.au
W: www.goodsamaritan.nsw.edu.au

St Anthony of Padua Catholic College Austral
CO-ED, YEARS K–12 (BY 2026)
YEAR 7 (2021)
PRINCIPAL: Lea De Angelis

A: 140 Eleventh Avenue, Austral, NSW 2179
P: (02) 9606 8600
E: info@stapaustral.catholic.edu.au
W: www.stapaustral.catholic.edu.au

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