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Books for 5-8 Year Olds

My child is 5-8 years old. What should I look for when picking a book they will want to read? We asked Sydney Catholic Schools’ Education Officer: Reading Recovery, Rosemary Peric. 1. What should


Enrolling now at Good Shepherd

At Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School Hoxton Park we recognise the individuality of each student and instil a sense of belonging for all. Our dedicated team of teachers collaboratively design learning that is challenging, engaging and empowering.  With open green


A Special Message in Unsettling Times

Priests are not immune to the fears and anxieties many are feeling right now. “At first I said I was ‘frightened’, but then I changed the word to ‘overwhelmed’. I was ‘overwhelmed’ that something


Good Shepherd students showcase Maths skills

Staff and students from Good Shepherd Primary School Hoxton Park gathered in Term 2 to show parents that Maths need no longer be feared. The school’s maths showcase aimed to help students practice articulating Mathematical

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